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By: Aubrey Johnson
ISBN # 0892255382

"Not everyone can be a great preacher or Bible class teacher. But everyone can be an encourager - and that includes you. It doesn't matter it you are young or old, a woman or a man, rich or poor. God has already given you everything you need to be an encourager - all you have to do is put to use those abilities you already have.

You probably know about the biblical character Barnabas, The Son of Encouragement (Acts 4:36-37). But did you know that his given name was Joses? Barnabas was a name the apostles gave him because of the great encouragement he provided to others.

You too can become a Barnabas. All you have to do is practice being an encourager. You will be absolutely astounded at what it will do for other people and most of all for you."

Table of Contents
 Introduction: What Is the Barnabas Factor?15
Section 1: The Attitnde of an Encourager
1. Encouragement Is a Biblical Ministry19
2. The Power of Courage27
3. The Problem of Discouragement35
4. The Possibilities of Encouragement45
Section 2: The Anatomy of an Encourager
5. The Mind of an Encourager57
6. The Eyes of an Encourager65
7. The Ears of an Encourager75
8. The Lips of an Encourager85
9. The Hands of an Encourager95
Section 3: The Activity of an Encourager
10. Courage to Build: Nehemiah107
11. Courage to Bloom: Barnabas121
12. Courage to Believe: Jesus133
13. Courage to Battle: God the Father143
 For Further Reading159

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