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A Patient Man From Uz   ISBN 093285964X
A Patient Man From Uz
by: Kyle Butt Illustrated by: Lewis Lavoie
publisher: Apologetics Press
A story about Job

Truth Be Told   ISBN 0932859846
179 pages
Truth Be Told
by: Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons
publisher: Apologetics Press
Exposing the myth of evolution with Truth Be Told.

God Made Animals  
Apologetics Press Reader Series "God Made...."
32 pages
$2.00 ea.
$10.00 set OVBN 9990071101
God Made The World by: Kyle Butt ISBN 0932859693
God Made Animals by: Eric Lyons ISBN 0932859709
God Made Dinosaurs by: Brad Harrub ISBN 0932859716
God Made Insects by: Eric Lyons ISBN 0932859860
God Made Plants by: Kyle Butt ISBN 0932859852
God Made Fish by: Brad Harrub ISBN 0932859879
publisher: Apologetics Press
What better way to learn to read than to start by reading about God and His Creation?

A Child's First Bible   ISBN 0842331999
255 pages
A Child's First Bible
publisher: Tyndale House
A collection of 125 well-known Bible stories, retold by Dr. Kenneth Taylor.

The Baby Bible Storybook   ISBN 0781400767
46 pages
The Baby Bible Storybook
by: Robin Currie
publisher: Chariot Victor Publishing
Introduce your toddler to the excitement of reading the Bible in a way that he or she can really enjoy. Each story includes simple activities and a brief prayer to make it come alive for your listener.
Ages: 0-3

A Little Book of Manners for Boys   ISBN 0736901280
32 pages
A Little Book of Manners for Boys
publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Mom wants you to wear a tie at your brother's graduation? Girls are going to join your baseball team? There are 7 pieces of silverware just for you in a fancy restaurant? Call in coach Bob to give you some pointers on how to make life a little easier with manners - those pesky rules Mom and Dad say you have to have and friends are glad you have.

The Tale of Three Trees   ISBN 0745917437
20 pages
The Tale of Three Trees
retold by: Angela Elwell Hunt publisher: Lion Publishing
Once upon a mountaintop, three little trees stood and dreamed of what they wanted to become when they grew up... So begins this enchanting American folktale about three trees whose wishes come true in a suprising way. Angela Elwell Hunt's ingenuous retelling of the timeless story will delight reader's of all ages, and Tim Jonke's luminous paintings bring a sense of depth and wonder to this classic tale.

Baby Blessing Bible   ISBN 0784711895
20 pages
Baby Blessing Bible
by: Alice Joyce Davidson  Illustrated by Jerry Smath
publisher: Standard Publishing
From creation through the story of the resurrection, here are the best-loved stories from the Old and New Testaments. Told in delightful rhyme and illustrated in glowing color, these stories are the foundation of faith. With it's own beatifully crafted, removable soft cover and carrying handle, this is a Bible that Baby can take anywhere!

Baby's First Bible   ISBN 0784704600
20 pages
Baby's First Bible
publisher: Standard Publishing
Carefully selected stories, timeless verses, and delightful rymes take the child on a journey from creation through the resurrection. Beautifully illustrated, with peek-through windows, Baby's First Bible is a book to treasure--bringing the world's greatest book to life in the heart of every child!
Ages 0-3

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