Guidelines for World EvangelismGeorge Gurganus, editor
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For a good many years, it has seemed to me that many of us who are Christians have been more concerned with analyzing our own shortcomings than with evangelizing the world.

Now surely there is nothing wrong with self-examination—we learn that lesson from the scriptures; furthermore, we are taught to confess our sins and to exhort one another day by day. But, it is also true that one needs to get outside one's self and take the gospel to others. We acknowledge our own imperfections; but we are not seeking to convert people to ourselves. We preach Christ and Him crucified—and this is the message the world desperately needs.

So I am thankful that evangelism is back on the track. I see a growing determination in the church to take the message of Christ to humanity. We want to lead mankind to the kingdom of God.

It is essential that we utilize all of the knowledge and wisdom available to us in accomplishing this great—this seemingly impossible—task.

The authors of the chapters in this volume are eminently qualified to discuss the topics undertaken. They have studied principles of world evangelism and missions and have put their teachings into practice. From hard experience they have learned of things that will not work as well as principles that are successful.

I commend this volume because, first of all, it is dealing with the most important subject confronting Christians today; secondly, it has been written by people who are qualified to challenge our thinking; and thirdly, it is our fervent hope and prayer that it will help to stimulate us to more productive achievement.

John C. Stevens, President

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